Travel + Leisure

Easy-to-style essentials for summer trips

Isn’t packing for a trip weird? A trip of purported pleasure carries you to a distant land, to which you can only bring a small portion of your stuff.

“What do I bring?” you shout back at life. Don’t worry, you can make it really easy on yourself. I want what I packed to be so easy and versatile I could fall into my duffel and come out in something cohesive. That’s how effortless travel dressing should be. Let’s explore a few of my gender-neutral summer travel essentials.

Science + Tech

White coat syndrome causes and risks

Around family and friends, people tend to be comfortable and relaxed. However, around doctors or anyone wearing a white coat, some patients experience a slight spike in their blood pressure, displaying the phenomenon known as white coat syndrome. Whether it’s a patient’s first time with a medical professional or an unpleasant memory of a previous visit, there is a vast range of causes for and risks to white coat syndrome.