Science + Tech

Factors to consider when purchasing dental loupes

“What magnification did you order?” This is the first question I asked my colleagues when the Loupes Fair came to LECOM School of Dental Medicine. Dental loupes became an obsession for me and my research partner, Melissa Matick, in January. The buzz within the first-year class was about which brand was best and which magnification each student had chosen. Melissa and I did want to know these answers, but we also wanted to dig deeper.

Management + Leadership

Changing the perception of dentistry: Q&A with ‘Queer Eye’ dentist

This past March, the hit makeover show “Queer Eye” returned to Netflix for a third season, tugging at viewers’ heartstrings as the show’s Fab Five makeover team completely changed the lives of eight deserving “heroes.” This season, the Fab Five went beyond providing a new wardrobe and haircut — they treated one woman, Mary “Shorty” Jones, to a new smile.

Chapter Focus

Tips for predental day success

Our ASDA chapter at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston recently hosted 40 predental students from South Carolina and Georgia, representing over a dozen universities, in our most successful predental day yet. There is never a true formula to success, but we would like to share our tips to help other chapters when planning events for predental students.