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Pedo animal bibs in the pediatric population: a scientific study

IMG_2521“Jay Banez to the pedo department. Jay Banez please report to the pedo department.” What a way to start your Friday, right? A long, long time ago, when I first walked through the doors of Marquette University School of Dentistry, my aspiration was to become a pediatric dentist. The past four years gave me a lot of pediatric exposure, experience and memories. Though I have chosen to practice as a general dentist, my love and excitement for treating the pediatric population still continue to grow. I always look forward to my pedo rotations and a free sample of pediatric bibs gave me an even better reason to enjoy my Friday appointments.

Zooby Dental, a company based out of Missouri, was developed with the help of Dr. Marilyn Sandor. Zooby products include animal character bibs, disposable prophy angles and yummy prophy pastes and fluorides that will surely bring a smile to any kid’s face. With character names like Penelope the Penguin, Francesca the Flamingo, and Allie the Alligator, these bibs were a huge hit in the Marquette Pedo Clinic. According to Zooby, these non-permeable 2-ply pediatric-sized bibs feature “the body of an animal and acts as a costume that your pediatric patients will love.”


I set out to test this product and see if my pediatric patients actually did love animal bibs. I rounded up six of my fellow colleagues and gave them an assortment of Zooby bibs to use with their patients. The research results we gathered found an astounding 100% acceptance. (Here we come JADA, JDC, and AGD Journal!) Here is our study:

Introduction: Patient management in the pediatric department can be challenging for the dentist and the patient at times. Using products that are kid-friendly and engaging will greatly enhance your practice and your experience with sometimes difficult patients. Zooby Dental creates animal bibs, prophy angles and fluorides that you can use in your practice. I brought a handful of these character bibs with me during my rotation and tested how well kids accepted the new bibs.

IMG_3996Patient population: Children ages 3-13, male or female, seen at the Marquette Dental School Pediatric Department.

Materials and Methods: Animal character bibs. Sit patient. Have patient choose an animal from the bib assortment. Put bib on patient. Have patient look in mirror.

Results: 100% of tested population rated the bibs an 8/10 or higher. 100% of patients under the age of 8 behaved well and cooperated with student dentists with animal bibs on. 100% of patient population smiled, giggled, sometimes laughed out loud. 100% of patients said they would use these bibs again.

Discussion: The overall consensus showed that pediatric patients at Marquette preferred animal character bibs over standard blue patient bibs.

Conclusion: Incorporating cartoon bibs, along with other kid-friendly products can greatly enrich your appointments with children. Pediatric patients tend to gravitate towards things they can associate with, such as cartoons, animals, super heroes and candy. Animal bibs can help in that aspect. The  “show, tell, do” technique, altered names of suctions, handpieces, and instruments such as “Mr. Thirsty” and “Water Whistle,” and animal bibs, will not only help you work efficieIMG_4004ntly with squirmy youngsters, but will also help them love the dentist. You might just see a different, more cooperative patient in 6 months.

There are many ways to enhance your practice, whether it’s with pediatric patients or the adult population. Though not necessarily needed, character bibs can be a fun way to engage your patients during dental appointments. They are just one way to help patients accept you and look forward to coming to the dentist regularly.

Disclaimer: This post reflects opinions of the author and is not an official endorsement of Zooby Pediatric Bibs, the Zooby company, or other Zooby products by ASDA.

~Jay Banez, Marquette ’16

Jay Banez

Jay Banez is one of ASDA's electronic editors. Originally from Las Vegas, Jay is a D4 at Marquette School of Dentistry. Jay is also the Media & Communications Chair for #MarquetteASDA. You can catch him walking around school occasionally with his camera in hand, posting to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These efforts helped lead Marquette to its Ideal ASDA Chapter title at the 2014 Gold Crown Awards.

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