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As you round the corner on dental school, are you ready for the next step: finding that first job?

ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT) helps D4s and other job-seekers find the perfect practice for their goals, whether it’s a first associateship or a path to ownership. And the entire process — from creating your profile and receiving handpicked matches to closing the deal — costs nothing for your first job after dental school.

ADAPT takes a different approach to matchmaking. Rather than being matched solely on location and skills, you create an online profile that helps you think through your preferences and priorities. We ask how appealing certain scenarios are and how you would approach various treatments. Research shows that the resulting matches are more successful, since they are rooted in complementary philosophies of care. That means you might find your “forever practice” right out of dental school. And if you’re interested in eventual ownership, we can help you find a practice where the owner is willing to mentor you throughout an extended sale timeline.

As part of our matching platform, you get access to resources tailored to every phase of the process, including worksheets and contract templates, plus an ADA advisor to help you evaluate your options.

Even if you’re a couple years from graduation, you can start preparing for your job hunt. Read on for some of our most popular resources on interviewing and joining a new practice. Then create your free ADAPT profile at ADAPracticeTransitions.com to get started.

5 Tips to Find the Right Dental Associateship for You

No two associateships are the same. What’s ideal for one person may be miserable for another. But how can you find the one that satisfies you, both professionally and personally? In this post, ADAPT’s Dr. Suzanne Ebert helps you think through your own priorities and keep your options open.

Talk Less, Listen More: 10 Tips for a Better Interview

An interview is your chance to make a great impression, but it’s also an opportunity to assess whether this is the right practice for you. Get tips to make a great impression and gain some intel about the practice.

Prepare & Prioritize: How to Negotiate with Confidence

Congratulations! You’ve found a great practice. Now what? Don’t let the thought of negotiation stress you out. Learn five steps to better negotiation, including focusing your requests and understanding the owner’s motivations.

Don’t Overlook These 5 Must-Ask Questions When Joining a New Practice

You will likely spend many of your waking hours at your new practice, which is why it’s worth taking some time to make sure it’s the right practice for you. The best way to ensure this is to look for a practice that’s well run. An organized practice with well-defined, updated policies will let you focus on doing your best work, rather than stressing over details. In this post, see five ways to explore how well a practice runs and identify how you can add value.

What Went Wrong: The Practice Wasn’t Ready for an Associate

Too often, we hear cases where a new associate discovers that there’s not enough work to go around. And when pay is based on production, this can make it tough to cover your bills. See how you can ask the right questions during the hiring process to avoid a similar fate and make sure you understand how you will be paid.

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~ADA Practice Transitions

This blog post was sponsored by ADA Practice Transitions.

ADA Practice Transitions

ADA Practice Transitions, a service of the ADA, matches dentists looking to join a practice with owners seeking an associate or buyer. We bring dentists the resources and support they need while facilitating matches based a shared philosophy of care.

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