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ADA student members receive $50,000 in term life and $50,000 accidental death insurance – plus $2,000 per month disability income protection and up to $150,000 in student loan repayment benefits in the event of disability – at absolutely NO COST to you! The online process begins by creating your login and requesting activation of your ADA student member’s coverage. Your Certificates of Insurance will be issued upon verification of your ADA student membership.

The premiums for these valuable benefits of ADA student membership are paid for by the ADA Members Insurance Plans – providing a solid foundation of insurance protection while you complete your dental education and transition into dental practice.

The ADA Student Members Life and Disability Insurance helps provide:

  1. Debt protection: to pay off your student loans in the event of your disability or death.
  2. Dental practice start-up and/or acquisition financing: life and disability insurance can serve as loan collateral
  3. Protect your future insurability: a solid foundation of insurance protection for you as an ADA student member while your dental career advances.

Receive a complimentary $5 coffee card when you create your login and access your account online by May 31, 2015! The school year goes by quickly – take time to login today! If you’re already insured and have created a login, remember to go online to ensure you’ve designated a beneficiary and updated your contact information.

For more on eligibility, pre-existing conditions and other information, visit insurance.ada.org/Student.

~ADA Members Insurance Plans

ADA Members Insurance Plans/Great-West Financial®

ADA-sponsored disability and life insurance is offered at no cost to ADA student members as a benefit of membership. This coverage is underwritten by Great-West Financial® and can convert to the insurance plans for practicing ADA members after graduation.

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