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The New Dentist Committee as a continuation of ASDA

140205_NDC28_Logo_RGBDid you know there is an ADA committee devoted specifically to the new dentist? A committee that serves as the voice of the new dentist within the ADA, facilitates professional and practice success for the new dentist, and fosters the next generation of leadership within organized dentistry? That’s right, the ADA New Dentist Committee does all these things and more. This committee may be one of the most critical tools for a dental student as they transition from student to professional.

Over the last year I’ve had the privilege of serving as the ASDA Consultant to the ADA’s New Dentist Committee. The NDC is always quick to remind me that my input and perspective as an outgoing student transitioning into the role of a new dentist is invaluable to them. Over the year, I’ve given my perspective on what it means to be graduating with thousands of dollars of student debt, how to transition new graduate members into lifetime members of the ADA, and better ways to create leadership positions at all levels of the organized dentistry tripartite specifically for the amazing leaders that ASDA produces.

One of my final, and maybe most exciting, NDC assignments is to attend and help facilitate the annual New Dentist Conference. The three day conference will include sessions on clinical topics as well as practice management and effective communication. Thursday kicks off the conference with leadership programming and presentations on using your existing skills and developing new ones in order to get involved with leadership opportunities throughout dentistry. I’m looking forward to Thursday night where there will be a complimentary cocktail reception with members of the ADA New Dentist Committee and the ADA Board of Trustees. Friday and Saturday are both filled with continuing education courses with topics ranging from practice management to clinical diagnosis. You can find me sitting in on one of the hands-on endo or implant courses.

I received my license in the mail this week and I officially started my job July 1st. The timing of the New Dentist Conference couldn’t be more perfect. I hope to return from the conference with new insight and knowledge that will help make me just a little (or a lot) more confident during my first month as an actual DDS.

Will you be attending this years New Dentist Conference? Tell us in the comments below.

~Jenna Hatfield-Waite, Nebraska ’14, ASDA Consultant to ADA New Dentist Committee

All ASDA members are also student members of the ADA. By joining ASDA, you join both organizations. If you’re not already an ASDA member, here’s one more great reason to join today!


Jenna Hatfield

I am a 2014 graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry. I recently moved back to my hometown of Norfolk, NE where I joined a practice as an associate dentist. I look forward to becoming more involved with the community in which I grew up much like I have been involved in ASDA. I also look forward to becoming more involved with the Nebraska Dental Association.

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