Resolutions: How your ideas can become ASDA policy

Gabe voting on the House floor at Annual Session 2013.
Gabe voting on the House floor at Annual Session 2013.

We’ve all been there. Sitting through what seems like an agonizing high school civics class when it happens. The projector screen rolls down, and the famous School House Rock episode “I’m just a bill on Capitol Hill” starts to play. Even though most educational materials from 1974 belongs in either a museum or an episode of the Wonder Years, I think this one is worth keeping around.

As Annual Session 2014 draws nearer, I want everyone to think about how ASDA’s policies can more reflect YOUR voice, the member voice. While I don’t have a snappy video of animated genius, I can give you a few helpful hints on how to get our friend Bill to Capitol Hill, or in this the case: how to get your resolution to Disneyland.

  1. Cook up a great idea! What topics should ASDA take/change a position on?
  2. Do some research: Make sure ASDA does not already have a policy that is the same as the one you are proposing. You can double check this by reviewing ASDA’s current statements of position or policy online. Email me at [email protected] if you have questions!
  3. Make it look official: There is an official template for all resolutions which can be found here.
  4. Send your resolution off: You could hitchhike like in the film … or email your resolution to [email protected]. If you do this by Jan. 10, 2014 ASDA’s Board of Trustees will have a chance to review your resolution and make a recommendation.
  5. Your resolution gets a home: The resolution is assigned a reference committee. This is a fancy term for a group of your peers who get resolutions ready for the House.
  6. Open hearing: Annual Session time! This is a forum where any member who wishes to comment on your resolution can do so before the reference committee meets.
  7. Your resolution goes to committee: After the hearing, the resolution goes to its assigned committee. If you missed the Jan. 10, deadline, you must submit your resolution by Thursday, Feb. 27 for consideration by the reference committee. It won’t have a review by the Board of Trustees, and doesn’t get a gold star for punctuality.
  8. Your resolution goes to a vote: The House of Delegates will vote to either adopt or not adopt the resolution. If the House believes that more information is needed, it can refer the resolution to a specific council.
  9. The resolution becomes ASDA policy: If the resolution is adopted, it becomes a course of action for the association to follow. Here are the resolutions previously adopted by ASDA’s House of Delegates.

I hope to see you, your resolutions and Mickey in Anaheim!

~Gabe Holdwick, Detroit Mercy ’14, speaker of the House

Gabe Holdwick

Dr. Holdwick served as the 2013-14 Speaker of the House, and currently is the Chair of the NLC Planning Committee. Upon graduation from the University of Detroit-Mercy School of Dentistry in 2014, he completed a General Practice Residency at Palmetto Health-Richland in Columbia, South Carolina. Dr. Holdwick purchased a general dental practice in his hometown of Harbor Beach, Michigan in 2015.

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  1. Jiwon Lee says:

    This post makes it so simple to follow along and write a resolution!

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