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It’s Friday night.  You’re out with your peeps.  Looking good.  Having fun.

What’s next?

Assemble your peeps…raise your smart phone up…45-degree downward tilt…and rapid fire…click…click…click.  Open your photos…diagnose…treat your best shot with all appropriate filters…add witty soundbite banter…and…





What’s the point?

Whether it’s a subconscious effort or an unconscious blur, somehow, your social media savviness surely shows you understand one very important dental success principle…

Just like you get one shot at posting a like worthy pic…You get one shot to make a big time name for yourself in dentistry.

So, with spring in the air and professional opportunities galore at igniteDDS, please…for the love of all that is holy…if you’ve ever wanted to get noticed on a national scale as a student or in the future, as a young dentist…

Connect with ignite!

In the last 4 months we’ve been so amazingly inspired by those of you who’ve taken the initiative to ask how you could be a part of our team…we decided we’d create multiple opportunities to make that a reality for you.  So…if you’re looking to:

  1. Get Published in major dental publications


  1. Get on the podium to speak and share your message

In addition to the awesome students who ignited our fire to make this happen, we will be selecting 10 students to add to our team. CLICK HERE and once you’re on ignitedds.com, look for the green send Dr. Rice a message button on the top of your home screen.  The first 10 Rock Stars who have a passion for the extraordinary are in.

Together We Rise,

~Dr. David Rice, founder, igniteDDS

David Rice

Dr. Rice graduated in 1994 from Buffalo’s Dental School. In 1995, he completed a GPR. From there, he completed continuums at the Pankey Institute, Dawson & Spear Centers. He practices privately in Amherst, NY and is the founder of igniteDDS.

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