Asking the tough questions during an interview

When preparing for an interview, candidates tend to put a lot of time into preparing solid answers to the questions they will be asked, but few spend that same amount of time thinking of questions to ask the interviewer. Asking the right questions is a vital part of the interview process because it isn’t just held to determine if you are the right fit for the job. It also is your chance to see if the position is the right fit for you. By asking the right questions, you not only get to demonstrate that you did your research, but you also get to learn more about the position and the practice to determine if you can envision yourself working there.

In the ASDA webinar, “Ask the Tough Questions: Dental Interview Prep,” Stacey Smith, Heartland Dental’s doctor recruiting supervisor, discussed her experience finding top talent within dentistry. Over the years, Smith compiled questions candidates have asked her; in addition, she’s made a list of her own questions that she wishes candidates would ask. During the webinar, Smith gave advice on developing strong questions to ask your interviewer based on your values, career goals and clinical expectations, which shed the truth on how the practice is run. Some of those questions include:

  • Who is your typical patient, and what unique needs of theirs do you have to address?
  • What are the most significant opportunities and challenges for the practice right now?
  • What is this practice’s philosophy?
  • Who does what in regards to treatment?

Remember, the role of the interviewer isn’t just to ask you questions, but to answer the questions you have about the practice or organization. Make the most out of your interview and research questions to ask that align with your values and career expectations. Hopefully, the questions Smith posed in “Ask the Tough Questions: Dental Interview Prep” will be an excellent starting point to direct your interview towards ensuring a great start to your career.

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~Heartland Dental Team

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