Spice up your workout in inclement weather

UNLV ASDA hanging around at a local trampoline gym (PC: Kat Sonoda-Casper)

Saturday has arrived, and it’s time to play outside after a long week. You get dressed and go out your front door and find it’s been raining, it’s been pouring…this is no time to go back to snoring! Perhaps you are so excited about your Saturday morning run that you are ready to put on shades and hit the puddle-ridden road or muddy trail, knowing a hot shower is the reward at the end of this wet workout.

Not your cup of tea? That’s okay! Luckily, the indoor gym scene is off the hook, and I don’t just mean the athletic club down the road. There are many non-conventional options to spice up your rainy day workout plan.

Feeling sporty? Bad weather days are a great time to play indoor sports with friends. If it’s hard to motivate some of your friends to workout with you, many gyms with basketball courts have pickup games after 5pm on weekdays or on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It’s a great competitive outlet with the bonus of breaking a sweat.

Feeling youthful? See if there is a trampoline gym in your area. These trampoline-filled buildings are popping up all over the place. Some of these gyms include America Ninja Warrior obstacle courses so you can tap into your inner ninja. Many others have a foam pit where you can try all sorts of stunts. Any way you do it, jumping on a trampoline for 30 minutes can burn up to 150 calories, and it’s a blast! You won’t even notice you’re working out.

Feeling vertical? Check out your local climbing gym. Who knows, you may fall in love and move on to climbing rocks outside when it’s dry out. Cost of a gym day pass and shoe/chalk bag rental won’t break the bank, and it’s a fun outing with friends. It’s all about problem solving with your footwork, so don’t be deterred if you can’t do a pullup. There are all levels of climbing, and gyms do a great job of being beginner-friendly.

Feeling groovy? Go to a dance class! There is much more than just Zumba and ballroom. Many dance studios offer intro hip hop, country, tap or even swing classes. You may even be able to find something unique like ballet or belly dancing at your school’s gym. Sometimes dancing can be the best therapy after a long week. You may not even notice that you are burning 450 calories per hour!

Feeling sore? I find hot yoga very soothing on a rainy day. It’s great to sweat out the worries from the week and relax your breath so that you are ready for the next week’s hurdles. There are many types of classes from Yin (holding stretching poses for 3-5 mins) to Ashtanga (focusing on breath and circulation) to Power Flow (which really pushes your physical and mental abilities).

Feeling Netflix-y? I totally understand that feeling. Maybe you can compromise with a Stairmaster and your favorite TV show. It’s not for everyone, but I find that the Stairmaster is a great bang for your buck when it comes to working out on a time budget. If you put on a show you love (Bob’s Burgers is my go-to), the minutes fly by. At the end of an episode, you can climb over 1,000 stairs! Not a bad deal when you are catching up on your favorite shows.

There are so many great options for staying active when the weather isn’t cooperative. Many times you can find groups with similar fitness hobbies in your local paper or with services like Meet Up. However you do it, your body will thank you. Be safe and have fun!

~ Lindsey Shall, Las Vegas ’19

Lindsey Shall

Lindsey Shall is a D2 in Las Vegas. She chose UNLV so that she could pursue her passion of being in the outdoors through climbing, biking and snowboarding, even when she doesn't have a lot of spare time. When dental school gets especially challenging, she finds that staying active keeps her mind, body and spirit at peak performance.

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