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Student guide to networking

Entering my first ASDA conference as a first-year dental student in 2019, I was anxious about meeting new people and making great first impressions. I relied on 2019–2020 ASDA Vice President Brandon Rensch to guide me through my first networking experience. At a dental conference, Rensch says everyone is in the same awkward situation of not knowing anyone around them. Fortunately, everyone automatically has much in common — we’re all dental students. He suggested asking easy questions like what school they go to and build off that.

The conference ended up being a blast and was a great opportunity to meet other dental students around the nation with similar interests. It can be scary to put yourself out there and meet other people, but hopefully this article can help you make connections.

9 networking tips

According to the 2014 issue of Science of People, networking enables you to exchange information, meet new professional contacts, and build mutually beneficial relationships. Like anything in life, networking takes practice to develop a skill set, but it is something anyone can learn to do. While there are many ways to network, here are nine tips to help you successfully network.

Read all nine tips in the October 2021 issue of Contour magazine.

~Saif Shah, Creighton ’22

Saif Shah

Saif Shah is a dental student at Creighton University School of Dentistry, graduating in 2022.

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