How to negotiate the best job package

If things are going as planned, it’s likely that in the near future, you will (finally!) be searching for a job. While finding a job may be your next most difficult hurdle, once you find a job, you will get one chance, and one chance only, to negotiate the best job package you can for yourself. Your negotiating power ends the moment you sign on the dotted line. But when you know that you have no experience, and you’re completely ecstatic that you found a job that you like, how are you supposed to find the wherewithal to negotiate for yourself?

How am I gonna get paid?

money stackWe’re no strangers to the “spare no expense” nature of our dental school education. “Debt” and “loans” are just as much a part of our vocabulary as “MOD” and “alginate.” While the complexity and intricacy of the financial systems in dentistry cannot be fully captured in a single blog post by a 4th year dental student, I hope to provide a very basic framework for what is and what might be when we’re sitting at graduation with diplomas in one hand and food stamps in the other, contemplating the question, “How am I gonna get paid?”