Finding Nemo at the dentist’s office: why aquariums are so popular

463693681(1)Have you ever wondered why many dentists have aquariums in their offices? It’s not just a coincidence! Believe it or not, aquarium therapy is a legitimate concept. The use of fish tanks, aquariums, or even digital images of fish in aquatic environments can provide potential health benefits to people in various ways. Having an aquarium in a dental office gives patients something to watch and contemplate while they wait in the lobby. This can lead to significant reduction in their stress and anxiety levels.

Designing your ideal dental office (& a giveaway!)

Dental Office DesignLike many dental students, I dream about the day I can finally design my own dental office. It is the day I can say I finally made it. This opportunity will allow me the autonomy to practice the way I want in an environment that is unique to my style. But the question is, where would I begin? Dental school, which focuses on the scientific and clinical aspects of dentistry, does not provide students with a lot of practice management education, let alone any advice on designing an effective dental office.

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