Two NY brothers support COVID-19 relief through baseball card auctions

After returning home to New York from Philadelphia at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were acutely aware of the damage caused by this debilitating virus, given that New York was widely regarded as the “epicenter” of the American coronavirus outbreak.

Creative ways to pay for attending a national ASDA event

As an ASDA predental member, there are ample opportunities to learn about the areas that make up a stand-out dental school applicant, while creating lifelong friendships at the same time. You can attend national ASDA events such as Annual Session and the National Leadership Conference, both of which include exclusive predental sessions on topics such as interviewing to Q&A panels with admissions committees, in addition to networking opportunities. The experience of attending these events is invaluable — yet it comes with a cost: registration fees, travel expenses, etc.

Running a successful crowdfunding campaign

UCLA sparkFundraising for a student organization isn’t easy, but crowdfunding has recently emerged as a unique way to raise money from many individual donors. Websites such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe are popular choices to jump-start a campaign, but more recently, educational institutions have moved towards utilizing crowdfunding as well. UCLA embraced this opportunity to connect with Bruin students, faculty, alumni and its community when it launched UCLA Spark in 2014.

Read on to learn how UCLA ASDA raised more than $22,000 for their project.

Tips on dressing for ASDA’s Annual Session 2015 in Boston

Coming to Boston for the first time for ASDA Annual Session 2015? Never experienced a New England winter before? You are probably wondering what to expect!
Boston is an awesome city with so many historical sites, touristy attractions, and local eateries worth checking out. We have compiled a list of tips submitted by Boston dental students.