Analyzing Medicaid expansion and dental benefits

Every day we interact with diverse patients in the clinic, we are obligated to provide the best treatment possible to those we serve. Many of us have worked with patients enrolled in Medicaid and have seen first-hand how big an impact it can have on someone’s oral health. In May, my colleague, Districts 10 & 11 Legislative Coordinator Walter Fuentes, wrote about the funding implications for Medicaid if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is repealed and replaced. I would like to share with you more about how this could affect Medicaid expansion.

Why dental students should lobby

LobbyIt is the night of the Republican runoff election in Georgia’s 3rd congressional district.  The ADPAC Team has convened at Tre Scalini, an old-fashioned Italian restaurant in Philadelphia, for a dinner reunion that has transformed into our very own watch party.  ADPAC has worked hard to support Dr. Drew Ferguson, an ADA dentist member.  After nearly 5 months since he entered the race, this is the big moment for the team.  The results are in.  Congratulations Dr.  Ferguson, you are one step closer to becoming the 4th dentist in Congress! Never before has pasta with truffle oil and parmigiano tasted so good.