Teeth time travelers: a historical perspective of malocclusion

Pile of Skeleton Heads laid on top of each other.Have you ever dreamed of jumping into a time capsule and taking a blast into the past to observe what teeth were like hundreds, or even thousands, of years ago? Have you ever asked yourself whether some of the common dental diseases that we see today, such as malocclusion and dental caries, were even considered “diseases” back then?

Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping journey

panMany of us know someone who has undergone jaw surgery. However, most people question their motives. To the general population, orthognathic surgery can be seen as a cosmetic procedure done to satisfy our vanity. The truth is that the majority of orthognathic patients seek treatment due to an inability to properly chew food, speak or smile. The physical, psychological and physiological turmoil takes a major toll on the patients’ quality of life.