Why a cleft lip patient might be your best

baby at doctorAccording to the Journal of Medical Sciences, cleft lip and palate (CLP) occurs in about 1 in 700 live births, making it the most common orofacial congenital malformation. Patients born with CLP not only experience aesthetic, speech, eating, hearing and psychological problems, but also a higher incidence of certain dental anomalies compared to the general population. Some of the dental anomalies experienced by these patients include missing teeth (most commonly the maxillary lateral incisors and lower incisors), supernumerary teeth, malocclusion, ectopic tooth eruption, delayed tooth development and morphological anomalies in both deciduous and permanent dentition.

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Managing emotional wellness in dental school

wellness_lifehacksAs the fall season kicks off, you may find yourself feeling a variety of emotions. Perhaps you’re a little sad that summer is coming to an end, excited to see classmates who have returned back for school, or confused already about an assignment or subject in a certain class. Feeling any and all of these things is totally normal! In fact, being able to identify and articulate your feelings is just one important aspect of emotional wellness.

It’s important to highlight emotional wellness as its own entity because it deserves as much attention as physical, intellectual or any other aspect of wellness.