The perfect partnership

Daryn Lu found the perfect fit with his partner.Following dental school, we search high and low for the perfect fit. No matter the practice setting, chances are you’ll be working alongside another dentist. I’ve been blessed to work with an incredible mentor for the past 1.5 years.

From the moment I met him right before graduating dental school, he’s been there to support me clinically with complex cases, emotionally on the days when dentistry has kicked my butt and through leadership challenges when I’ve struggled with the team. We recently sat down for a meeting where he shared with me, “I’m happy where I am with dentistry. My greatest success will be when you succeed.”

How I helped set up a new practice as a predental

This past summer, I had the unique opportunity to assist in setting up a new dental practice – Riverview Dental Care Ltd. in Saint Charles, Illinois. A relative was opening a new clinic, her first private practice, and they asked me if I wanted to help. I felt fortunate to have this experience as a predental student, as typically, one may not have these experiences until after graduating from dental school or opening their own practice.

Establishing yourself as a new dentist in a community

communityUpon graduation, the average dental student faces countless obstacles such as deciding where to practice, paying down student debt and more. Establishing oneself as a dentist in a community is a tall order for most. Whether as a specialist or a general dentist, it is a necessity for new dentists to develop an action plan for establishing themselves in a community. To do so, you’ll need to focus on three critical steps: 1) identify a target group; 2) network with established dentists in the area; and 3) develop promotional products to raise one’s profile within the community…