Why “Y” matters: 4.000 – X = Y

friends around fire on beachIf 4.000 – X = Y, and X = your GPA, then solve for Y.

I know. I’m throwing two tantalizing topics your way: your GPA and performing math. However, please stow away your cringing and crying for a moment, because there’s a method to my madness.

I want you to subtract your current GPA from 4.000 and determine the number that stands between you and what academic institutions quantify as “perfection.” If you’re like me, that difference is certainly not a zero. In fact, when I solve for “Y,” it’s larger than I would like.

But, I’d like to reel in your future-specialist-type-A anxiety and offer you a different perspective to consider for 2016. I pose to you the following questions: what does your “Y” truly represent, and why does “Y” matter?

The Best Blogs of Mouthing Off: The issues

Best-of-weekAs 2014 winds down, we are kicking off a new special feature all week long! We want to acknowledge all of the bloggers who have written for us over the past year. Mouthing Off posts at least three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As of this week, we have published 161 posts in 2014! That is an impressive amount of effort and dedication from our bloggers, and the editors would not have been able to do it without them.

The Best of Mouthing Off will run all this week to highlight some of our most outstanding pieces of writing. Each and every blog was worth recognizing, but these are the top posts and you won’t want to miss them! Tune in all week to read the Best of Mouthing Off 2014. Read on for the Best of Mouthing Off: The issues…