Thinking about taking a gap year? Consider these 6 things

gap-yearYou’re running a 5K and you’re a quarter away from the finish line. You’re out of breath, you’re exhausted and you’re in desperate need to refuel. You veer off to the side of the path to catch your breath. This is the same scenario you face with taking a gap year. Is it right for you?

When I was faced with the idea of taking a gap year, I was reluctant and unwilling. For me, getting into dental school was the finish line and it seemed so close.

Read on to find out what changed Priscilla’s mind about a gap year!

Leadership roles in school and your community

leadershipA dentist is a leader not only in her field, but also in her community. In preparing to become a dentist, it is important to consider the position that a professional holds within the community and the responsibilities that come with it. As a predental student, there are countless opportunities to get involved early and gain leadership experience both within school and your community. Based on my experiences, these opportunities are best broken down in three categories: volunteer opportunities, leadership positions in school organizations and leadership development through ASDA.

ASDA’s webinars will keep you up-to-date on the latest in dentistry

computer webinarsThere is no denying that technology touches almost every aspect of our lives. The dental field is no different–it is constantly advancing due to all aspects of technology. However, it would be short-sighted to attempt to discuss this topic in totality because it is too expansive to cover here. Furthermore, who am I to inform you of the latest in dentistry? We are peers and generally have similar dental experiences thus far. Not to mention the information won’t be the latest by the time this is published!

Luckily, information on technological advances in dentistry are out there. The fact that you are reading this displays an eagerness to learn about them. In think an active approach to professional development is what will set you apart from other students when competing for those coveted dental school seats.

Read on to find out how ASDA’s webinars can help boost your application to dental school!

How to stand out with extracurricular activities

Group of young students studying togetherIn addition to stellar grades and competitive DAT scores, extracurricular activities are a must on your AADSAS application. There are many opportunities available including shadowing local dentists or specialists, volunteering at free dental clinics and getting involved with ASDA. These additions will positively enhance your application and show the admissions committee that you are truly interested in dentistry by having hands-on experiences and interactions with patients.

HPSP scholarship: Say “no” to dental school debt by saying “yes”

WEBINARPracticing dentists and current dental students know, and we predentals claim to know, just how expensive a dental education is. What does “expensive” really mean though?

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) sought to find that out in 2013 with the ADEA Survey of Dental School Seniors. Out of the 4,134 survey respondents, 30.8% said they will be graduating with $200,000-$299,999 in debt. Even worse, 18.5% said they will have between $300,000-$399,999 in debt, and worst of all, the least fortunate 9.4% will graduate with more than $400,000 in debt.

Read on to learn how you can get part of your education paid for…

Confessions of a (former) predental

DrEmilyHobart_640x400Truth be told, I came to the realization that dentistry was my calling a little later than most. Unlike my colleagues who were inspired by a mentor or career day way back when, I was not completely sure of my destiny in dentistry until my last semester of undergraduate studies.

While I wasn’t really a “predental” student for very long, I did pick up a couple valuable tips that I wish someone would have shared with me…

ASDA’s top 8 resources for predental students

predental-resourcesLet’s face it, the path to receiving an acceptance letter from your dream dental school is exceptionally difficult. While spending a majority of your time continuously studying, you are also encountering difficult tasks and making critical decision along the way. At times it can be stressful and rather confusing, yet I am thrilled to say that you are not on your own! ASDA offers predental students various helpful resources in order to answer your lingering questions, keep you on track and guide you to pursuing a career in dentistry. Although there are many ASDA predental benefits, here are my top 8…