How to negotiate the best job package

If things are going as planned, it’s likely that in the near future, you will (finally!) be searching for a job. While finding a job may be your next most difficult hurdle, once you find a job, you will get one chance, and one chance only, to negotiate the best job package you can for yourself. Your negotiating power ends the moment you sign on the dotted line. But when you know that you have no experience, and you’re completely ecstatic that you found a job that you like, how are you supposed to find the wherewithal to negotiate for yourself?

Associate agreements & dentist salaries: What you should negotiate

Contract NegotiationYou got the interview, nailed it, and are in love with the practice. But, something’s wrong. The offer they just handed you isn’t what you were expecting. Do you take it as is, or turn it down because it differs from what you had anticipated? Every job seeker needs a plan for negotiating employment agreements.