The benefits of intramural sports

Intramural sports Preparation, proper form and good hand skills – we must be talking about dentistry, right? Well, not quite: we’re talking about sports!

Sports and dentistry have more in common than you might think. If you’ve ever played high school or collegiate sports, you know that success on the field begins before the game even starts, with late-night practices, team huddles, proper coaching and of course, hard work. Similarly, as dental students, we know all too well how pre-clinical practice and adequate preparation before appointments are crucial components to being successful in clinic.

Sports get a little less smoky

Whether it be football, basketball or baseball, they are all sports that require top notch athletic abilities. It’s not just about the ball handling skills or how many yards the QB can throw the ball. It’s also about the nutrition and the healthy lifestyle of the athlete. Tobacco is one way an athlete can detriment their abilities. It is for good reason that the NCAA has placed a ban on the usage of tobacco for any student-athlete, coach, or game official.