Realizing your full potential: Make the most of undergrad

At some point, you’ve probably wondered to yourself, “Is there more I could be doing?” Maybe your friend Flossy Phil was always in lab doing cool research on dental pulp regeneration but still has time to volunteer and maintain a 4.0 GPA and work two part-time jobs. Or maybe your friend Gingiva Georgia got a stellar internship position at Dream Dental Office where she’ll work with the latest dental technology while getting thousands of shadowing hours by assisting dentists. As an ambitious predental student, you want to have spectacular experiences, too.

Good choices now. Great dentists later. 

ADA Success offers a free series of live, in-person programs presented by ADA member dentists or other subject matter experts on topics such as managing debt and wealth, practice management, employment agreements, and more. Hear from Dr. Rico Short, an ADA Success speaker, on why he devotes the time to present and why you should make the time to attend.

Seven steps to a successful first year

Dentistry student with typodontThis is an open letter to the incoming first years. Congratulations! You made it through a tough application process and the fun is just about to begin. The next four years will be a whirlwind of new experiences and knowledge that will sculpt you into who you will be as a future practitioner. Here are seven steps to help you have a successful first year:

You want to learn how to run a dental practice, don’t you?

piggy bank with billsWelcome! We are about to embark on an eye-opening journey, discovering a new world that many dental students are unaware of. One of the biggest fears that dental students face right out of school is knowing how to run a dental practice and their knowledge of practice management.

To extinguish that fear I created a list of some of the best resources out there to help you hit the ground running. These continuing education resources include podcasts, mobile videos, seminars, weekend events and many others. What’s so great about these resources is the variety of learning types they tailor to. Some people learn better in person, others prefer video, and some learn simply by listening. We will share some resources that have helped others tremendously in having them hit the ground running into private practice out of dental school.