Say something — anything: The importance of checking in

Zoom, Houseparty and FaceTime have certainly seen a spike in their number of users in the last six weeks. We’ve all scheduled a family happy hour or game night to keep in touch with our friends and loved ones. While I love a virtual glass of wine with my family, I’m reminded of the monumental value we have in being connected right now.

3 products that make video conferencing easy

Business meeting in office, chatting on video conferenceThe time we spend in dental school is filled with countless hours studying for exams, never-ending practice in the simulation clinic and preparing for procedures once we enter patient clinics. A dental student’s world is already packed full of academic responsibilities, so fitting in meetings that are accommodating to everyone’s schedule is an arduous task for any leader. Luckily, in a society where working from home is becoming common practice, virtual communication can bring together leaders in a manner that’s both convenient academically as well as relaxing for greater productivity.