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Get curious! A review of The Curious Dentist’s videos

I was recently introduced to a website called The Curious Dentist, which is a collection of blog posts and videos by Dr. Chris Salierno.  Fun Fact:  Dr. Salierno is a past National ASDA President and a past chair of the ADA New Dentist Committee, which certainly piqued my curiosity! His blog has all sorts of helpful information related to clinical dentistry and practice management.

As a third year dental student just finishing up my first year in clinic, I was drawn to the implant technique videos. I watched several videos, including “Closed Tray Impression Technique,” “Open Tray Impression Technique,” and “Implant Cement Techniques.” All three of these were excellent resources! I learned several interesting tidbits, including which cements are best to use with implants and special instruments to remove excess cement from around implants.

Open Tray Impression Technique

I have to admit—-starting out in clinic, restoring implants can be pretty mysterious. (No matter how many lectures you have had on the subject.) I finally restored my first implant crown after months of waiting for the implant to osseointegrate. All of those tiny pieces, analogues, ratchets—-it was confusing. These videos were a fantastic resource because:

1.  They are straightforward. Dr. Salierno explains everything that he is doing and why, including what each tiny piece is.

2.  They are short and to the point. Three minutes tops!

3.  I am a visual learner.  Most of us are.  Sometimes PowerPoint slides just aren’t the best way to learn a procedure. Watching someone do an open tray impression and having them talk me through all of the steps is extremely helpful. It is the next best thing to actually doing it yourself and learning hands-on.

I highly recommend checking out The Curious Dentist! What dental videos are you watching right now? Tell us in the comments below.

~Emily Hobart, Midwestern – Arizona ’15, District 10 Trustee

Emily Hobart

Emily Hobart is a dental student at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine - Arizona in Glendale, Arizona, Class of 2015. She is the current ASDA District 10 Trustee and previously served as ASDA Chapter President at her school for two years.

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