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The impact of organized dentistry

Organized dentistry describes the tripartite of dental advocacy though which many different groups work together —
at the local, state, and national levels — to improve and advance the dental profession. Dr. Stephanie Sandretti has been involved in all three levels of advocacy and remains an active member in organized dentistry. Before graduating from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 2013, she was fully invested in advocacy efforts through ASDA and the ADA. Since then, Dr. Sandretti has further expanded her scope of involvement, especially in California dental societies, and she continues to demonstrate steadfast dental leadership in these organized advocacy groups.

CONTOUR: What was your path to organized dentistry?

DR. STEPHANIE SANDRETTI: In dental school, I was very involved with the very active UCLA ASDA chapter. During my third year, I was a district 11 ADA delegate — able to attend the ADA House of Delegates, represent ASDA, vote, etc. Being involved at that level as a student sparked my passion for organized dentistry. I was also involved with the Academy of General Dentistry and went to their lobby day events for two years, becoming active with federal legislation.

Eventually I got more involved with the California Dental Association and have been a member of its Government
Affairs Council since 2016. In addition, I am a guest of the Sacramento District Dental Society, addressing state lawmakers as a professional witness to educate them and the public about the importance of certain topics relevant to dentists and business owners.

Finish reading about Dr. Sandretti in the October issue of Contour magazine.

~Christine Shoemaker, Washington ’23, Chapter Advocacy Chair

Christine Shoemaker

Christine Shoemaker is a student at the University of Washington School of Dentistry, graduating in 2023, and her ASDA chapter's advocacy chair.

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