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Our guess is that when you read the title of this article, malpractice insurance wasn’t the first thought to pop into your head. And we get it — choosing your malpractice insurance isn’t the most exciting step in following your professional dreams. But this decision can affect your career. You’ll want to make sure your coverage is strong, so that you can keep doing what you love most. That’s why at MedPro Group, we’re devoted to being your resource for all your malpractice insurance needs.

Still in dental school? In a residency? Just graduated? We have coverage options for every stage of your career.

Coverage for students

  • Some dental boards offer prearranged coverage for their board exams. But this coverage may be with a carrier that doesn’t specialize in malpractice insurance and the policy is usually a claims-made policy, which requires you to buy tail coverage. Before you accept, consider a no-cost MedPro occurrence policy. After all, you’ll want coverage when you’re taking your boards and if a claim arises later based on care you provided during that time. To keep it simple and cost effective, our occurrence policy eliminates the need to purchase tail coverage.
  • If you’re completing an externship, you may need to secure your own coverage if it’s not covered by your school. We offer a no-cost occurrence policy specifically for this situation and in all 50 states.

Coverage for residents

  • If you decide to moonlight during your residency program, you’ll need your own dental malpractice policy, as this is a separate risk. We offer moonlighting policies with credits totaling 75 percent or more off of our base rates. This allows you to balance your moonlighting and your residency at an affordable price.

Coverage for new dentists

  • With your degree in hand, you’ll be ready to put your education into practice. The first thing you need is coverage for your working interviews and your first year of practice. We offer annual coverage as low as $50.

We’re proud to say that more recent dental graduates choose us over any other carrier to protect their assets and reputation. Our A++ (A.M. Best) rating, 95 percent national dental trial win rate, and pure consent to settle provision give your peers the confidence that they’re protected by the best.

Whether you’re a student, resident or new graduate, congratulations on being another step closer to accomplishing your dreams. We’re excited to see what the next chapter holds and are always here if you have any questions along the way. Give us a call at 800-4MEDPRO x 119660 or visit medpro.com/dental-malpractice-insurance to learn more.

~MedPro Group

A.M. Best rating as of 7/14/2017. All claims data is MedPro Group data (2008-2017). MedPro Group is the marketing name used to refer to the insurance operations of The Medical Protective Company, Princeton Insurance Company, PLICO, Inc. and MedPro RRG Risk Retention Group. All insurance products are administered by MedPro Group and underwritten by these and other Berkshire Hathaway affiliates, including National Fire & Marine Insurance Company. Product availability is based upon business and regulatory approval and may differ among companies. ©2018 MedPro Group Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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As an ASDA member, you receive exclusive discounts with MedPro Group, the nation’s leader in dental malpractice insurance as well as: Occurrence coverage as low as $50 (ASDA member benefit); Pure consent to settle; and unmatched expertise from a company defending dentists since 1899.

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