Top 3 career needs for new dentists

There are many factors to consider when determining how and where you’ll practice after graduation. No matter which career path you chose, it is important that you find personal fulfillment and professional growth. There are typically three things new clinicians will need in order to be able to progress and succeed in their career. If you’re thinking of making dentistry your career path, here’s a list of useful college and career planning resources that you may find beneficial.

1. Ability to advance clinical skills. Dental school is a great launching pad for discovering what type of dentist you would like to become. It’s where you find what procedures you excel at and what you need to work on. After graduation, new dentists are eager to learn beyond what was taught in dental school. They have the drive to advance their skill set to take on more patients and perform more complex and challenging procedures. To do that, having access to high-quality continuing education is a must. New supported dentists at Heartland Dental who take around 200 hours of CE within their first year after starting in an office are more successful, have more confidence and can serve a broader patient base.

2. Clinical autonomy. New dentists have expressed to us that when there is no clinical autonomy in an office, it makes it hard for them to feel passionate about dentistry. Not being able to perform specific procedures to your patient base can become frustrating and stifling for you as a dentist. As a doctor-led organization, Heartland Dental-supported dentists have full control over their treatment planning and patient care. This provides more opportunities to help more patients and do the dentistry you love.

3. High and steady compensation. With the average dental student debt rounding about $400,000 these days, it’s vital for a new dentist to find a job that offers a lucrative compensation package. This makes it easier not only to pay off student loans but also to have a comfortable living. Understanding an employer’s compensation model is vital to the future success you may have with them. Dentists who embrace our model have more freedom and the ability to increase their earnings potential during their career.

Heartland Dental continues to focus on these top three needs in order to offer excellent careers for thriving dentists. If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with us, visit jobs.heartland.com to view opportunities near you and to speak with a recruiter about your career needs today.

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