Top 7 resources for predental students

You’re a predental and there is one thing on your mind = getting into dental school. You’ll have to work hard for good grades and a high score on the DAT. Your hard work combined with ASDA’s resources for predentals should make for some exciting results. Here are the top 7 resources you should be utilizing as a predental member of ASDA:

1. “Getting Into Dental School.” Do you ever feel like you could use a guide book to get into dental school? Look no further! ASDA’s handbook for predentals has more than 100 pages of content on topic areas like preparing your application, what dental school is really like, how ASDA can help you along the way and what career paths lie ahead. Plus, the handbook includes a complete listing of each U.S. dental school. You’ll have access to stats like class size, average GPA and DAT scores and application requirements for each school. How do you get this book? Every ASDA membership receives a copy when they join. If you haven’t done so already, join today for this essential guide to getting into dental school.

2. Predental timeline. In order to compile a competitive application, you must prepare for dental school on day 1 of your undergraduate career. In ASDA’s predental timeline, recommended classes and activities are listed from freshman through senior year to help you prepare a winning application.

3. DAT preparation. Sure, it’s not the only thing that matters, but a strong DAT score can help keep your application at the top of the pile. Prepare with ASDA’s tips as well as professional study tools. ASDA members receive discounts on Crack the DAT and’s Chad’s Videos.

4. ASDA members. Use actual dental students as a resource! Your involvement with ASDA should lead you to meet students currently enrolled in dental school. Whether you meet at a national meeting or local event, keep in touch and don’t be shy to ask questions. Every dental student remembers the anxiety of trying to get into dental school, so they are likely to help you through the process. If you want to find someone in your area, use ASDA’s leadership directory to search members at nearby dental schools.

5. ASDA publications. You’re already taking a huge step towards dental school by reading this blog! Click on “predental” under the students tab at the top to see all the posts we’ve written especially for predental students. It’s also important to keep up with ASDA’s print publications. ASDA News is a newsletter printed 10 times a year and Mouth is a quarterly magazine. If you’re a member, you should be receiving these in your mailbox each month. Not receiving your publications? You either need to update your address here or join now to get this benefit.

6. Non-traditional student resources. Most students enroll in dental school right after undergraduate school. While it’s not easy for anyone to get into dental school, applying after a career change or time off from undergraduate studies presents a unique set of challenges. If this scenario sounds familiar, ASDA has you covered with resources for the non-traditional student. ASDA has even developed a guide that outlines the differences in applying to dental school as a non-traditional student.

7. ASDA events. ASDA events happen all over the country at predental clubs, dental schools and on a national scale. Stay connected to your school’s predental club. If you don’t have a club, consider starting one (helpful tips here). Contact the ASDA chapter at a dental school near you and ask if they hold predental events like a predental day. Finally, predentals are always welcome at national ASDA events like Annual Session and the National Leadership Conference. Any event should expose you to dentistry, important issues in the field and potential connections that will help you get into dental school.

What’s the most helpful predental resource you’ve found? Tell us in the comments below!

~Kim Schneider, publications manager

If you’re a predental and haven’t joined ASDA yet, now is the time! You’ll have access to all the resources mentioned above. Plus, if you join before Feb. 23, you’ll be entered to win prizes like an iPad Mini or Amazon gift card.


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  1. The 7 resources that you wrote about in your blog will be helpful for those students that are wanting to attend dental school. ASDA events are very helpful and these types of events you never know who you will meet and will be in your future.

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