‘Tri-ing’ something new

January is often a time for new beginnings. Ideas are drafted, goals are set and plans are made. Oftentimes, these goals involve fitness, weight loss or dieting. While these are important factors of health and wellness, they can get old quickly, leaving you feeling bad about falling off the wagon. I am by no means an expert, but I have found that training for something — anything — has made it easier to stick to a resolution, and it could become even easier if you seek out help like this online triathlon training to keep you in your routine.

For me, training for triathlons has been the most fulfilling. As a multi-sport event, training stays variable and less boring. Don’t feel like running? Go for a swim! Don’t feel like swimming? Take out your bike! There are always options that can make workouts less monotonous.

The other positive thing about this kind of training is that it’s social. Doing a workout with a friend is a great way to catch up. Last summer, I trained with a few people from dental school for the Ross Heart Hospital’s Tri-Fit Challenge, an Olympic distance triathlon. Colleagues quickly became friends, and going to workout after class was much easier when someone was going with you. I made new friends, stayed close to old friends and had a lot of fun getting ready for this race.

Overall, I love the challenge an event like this provides. Committing to training keeps me motivated. The support of a group makes it even better. I learn so much from the other people I spend time and workout with. We discuss tips and tricks for triathlons, personal interests and advice for class and clinic.

Trying something new doesn’t have to lead you to a triathlon, but find something you’re interested in and go for it. Ask around and find someone else who wants to do the same thing. You could have an expert waiting to help you out, or you could be the expert yourself!

~Hilary Allen, Ohio State ’19

Hilary Allen

Hilary is a Youngstown, OH native who enjoys any outdoor activities, as well as crocheting, cross-stitch and quilting. She has three sisters, one of whom is a D1 at OSU.

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