Wellness starts at breakfast

Just like Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson in Parks & Recreation, I can’t imagine why “anybody would ever eat anything besides breakfast food.” According to a recent survey by Kellogg’s, more than 50 percent of adults would like to eat breakfast daily, but only a third take the time to actually do so.

These statistics are baffling, because I couldn’t imagine skipping breakfast. But while I don’t skip breakfast, I have been known to eat breakfast at my desk. That’s a behavior I’m trying to stop.

ASDA’s January Wellness Challenge encourages you to make time for breakfast for seven consecutive days. It’s not about grabbing a protein bar and coffee and rushing out the door to eat on your way to class. Instead, we’re talking about sitting down, eating a sensible breakfast and taking some time to prepare yourself for the day.

I decided to tackle this wellness challenge head on, and I have a few tips on how you can successfully complete it.

Get up earlier
I’m addicted to my snooze button. It’s often the reason why I end up eating breakfast at work. So I set my alarm a little earlier. I still hit snooze a few times, but manage to get up earlier and end up with time to eat breakfast before I leave. (I’ll attack my addiction to the snooze button later, for now, this works.) If you’re not addicted to the snooze, like me, just set your alarm a little earlier so you have time to eat at home.

Food prep
One of the biggest reasons people skip breakfast is that they’re busy or don’t have enough time. I found that the easiest way to combat this is to make food ahead of time. There’s so many great breakfast recipes you can make the night before and then heat up or eat in the morning. I’m a huge fan of egg muffins and overnight oatmeal. They take minimal time to make and are delicious. Another easy recipe? Eggs in a mug.

When I eat breakfast at my desk, I immediately have to dive into the day’s work. By taking the time to eat at home, I’m able to take some time and decompress before I go to work. I catch up on the latest news, browse my favorite Instagram accounts and watch the latest cute puppy video. Then when I get to work, I’m ready to start my day and don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

I still have a ways to go on taking the time to eat breakfast at home every day, but I’ll get there. Just like other habits, it’s important to take it a day at a time. But for now, in the spirit of Ron Swanson, I’ll take all the bacon and eggs you have.


Kerri Richardson

Kerri Richardson is the digital content coordinator of the American Student Dental Association. She works with ASDA's website, email marketing, Instagram and Pinterest. If you have questions about the website, emails, or this blog, you can contact her at [email protected].

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