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What to look for when exploring continuing education

When dental school ends, your continuing education (CE) journey begins. The importance of CE is hard to overstate: It’s one of the only ways dentists continue to learn the latest technology, trends and techniques in the field.

Almost every state has CE requirements for practicing dentists, so knowing how to find and select the best CE is beneficial for both you and your patients.

Rebecca Warnken, DDS, owns and practices at McIlwain Dental Specialists in Tampa, Fla. The former ASDA member currently serves on the Florida Dental Association Committee on Conventions and Continuing Education, and she said dentists should weigh several considerations
when choosing CE.

Here, Dr. Warnken shared her advice on how to navigate the CE landscape like a pro (even before you are one).

Read the rest of this article in the May 2020 issue of Contour.

Kelly Rehan

Kelly Rehan is a freelance contributor to Contour magazine.

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