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Know your wine for better networking

“Let’s settle it over a round” …of golf, that is. Golfing has long been seen as an escape, as well as work desk outside of the office. Countless deals and partnerships have been formed in the informal, enjoyable setting of a golf course. Similar networking can take place in other leisurely situations.

With the median age of most private dental practice owners on the rise, it is important to establish common ground for potential partnerships. Increasing interest and pleasure in wine and wine tasting seems to be a growing trend. Enjoying a glass of wine with a colleague is easier and less time consuming than golf. Plus, discussing the subtleties can take the conversation in many directions, including discovering more common ground. Knowledge of the basics goes a long way for the casual wine connoisseur. I made this infographic to help you become an ace before the back nine!

On Par with Wine~Victoria Castens, Temple ’18, contributing editor 

Victoria Castens

Victoria Castens is a third year student at Temple University. She currently serves as her ASDA chapter's Vice President and is a former Contributing Editor on ASDA National's Editorial Board. When she's not editing or dentisting, Victoria enjoys practicing yoga, baking, snowboarding, horses, dogs, and the Oxford comma.

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