Winning in dental school

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Exams, practicals, pop quizzes, no sleep, no patients…Need I go on? If you’re anything like me when I was a student, that question resonates…big time!

Here’s the skinny…and sadly, it’s only seen in the rear view mirror. In private practice…in life, challenges change; butterflies in your stomach stay the same. So how do you win in dental school?

Reinvent the wheel…or copy genius?

Don’t misunderstand. I highly recommend blazing your own trail. However…there are incredible mentors in dentistry who have warmed up the world for your success. And in school, although I am honored with messages I get from you all via igniteDDS, some of those mentors are sitting right next to you.

In my 20 years, experience has taught me many lessons. Here’s 3.

  1. Mastermind groups win

Mastermind groups are a form of mentorship where peeps with the same goals and dreams unite to excel. The best of the best with one leader who’s already doing what the group hopes to achieve. Copy genius! We are accepting 20 students in 2015. Once/month for 1 hour. Click & learn.

  1. Ego loses

When we allow ego to win, we stop learning…especially from each other. We built Tuesday Tips on FB to showcase how much you all have to offer each other. Looking for a quick $25? Help us pay it forward.

  1. Questions are the Answers

What makes kids learn so much, so fast? Little Tommy asks almost 500 questions a day! It’s easy to let dental school knock you down. Let go of the approval thing. Be a fool in the moment and wiser for life. Have a question? You’re not alone! Ask a classmate…a professor…or stay anonymous…ask igniteDDS We’re happy to help 🙂

 ~David R Rice, DDS, founder, igniteDDS

David Rice

Dr. Rice graduated in 1994 from Buffalo’s Dental School. In 1995, he completed a GPR. From there, he completed continuums at the Pankey Institute, Dawson & Spear Centers. He practices privately in Amherst, NY and is the founder of igniteDDS.

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