Winning the game of student loans

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If I told you there was a way to save tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on your student loans would you want to know more?

If you’re anything like me when I was in dental school…I’m guessing…Heck Yes!  Here’s the scoop, Sally Mae…turns out she’s not as nice of a gal as she’d like you and I to believe.  I know it shocks you, but, she and her federal loan pals are making money hand over fist…from you.  That said, if you’ll give me 2 minutes to make 3 points, I promise I’ll give you 1 very good reason for it.

#1. Your debt is cray cray but you’re not alone.  The student loan “issue” equates to a 1 Trillion dollar behemoth and I have yet to work with a group of dental students who weren’t in the game.  Want to maximize the money you keep?  Read More…

#2. We are psyched to launch a 3 part blog series on the 3 Ways to Turn Debt to Net on igniteDDS.com.  It’s packed with strategies for success starting with what you can do as a student..right now.  The link above gets you to part one, click here for part two.

#3 Best of all…I’m proud to say, igniteDDS can help!  If you are a registered member of ignite, awesome, message me!  If not, no worries, register here and connect.  I’m telling you.

Sally Mae doesn’t have to be the winner.  Click here for part three.

You can win the game of loans!

Together We Rise,

~David R Rice, DDS, founder, igniteDDS

David Rice

Dr. Rice graduated in 1994 from Buffalo’s Dental School. In 1995, he completed a GPR. From there, he completed continuums at the Pankey Institute, Dawson & Spear Centers. He practices privately in Amherst, NY and is the founder of igniteDDS.

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  1. Brent says:

    David, great article for most dental students addressing probably our top stressor–> DEBT!!!
    I would like to know more of your reasoning for your top 3 turn debt to net? I had three main questions for you:
    Article 1) My number for the guy paying $5000/month towards student loan debt was 9 years. My number for the $4000/month guy was 12.5 years. I was also given advice as to whether invest or pay back debt and the answer is…yes. Do both! If you’re paying back debt at 7% and have a chance to invest at 8%, shouldn’t you pay back the minimum debt and invest at 8%? Or am I thinking of that wrong?
    Article 2) Spot on. I think we all know someone or have heard of someone getting in over their head in debt. You chose modest number at $150,000. What were the numbers of paying it off at $225,000? Is that a U.S. average, if you borrow a dollar you’ll pay back a dollar fifty?
    Article 3) I think this is a great article for an MBA, but I’m a dental student. What do I do with the money when I leverage other people’s money? I could leverage my practice, but if I’m not savvy with that money, when I go to pay off that loan I have against my practice, I could be upside down on my loan. So that pile of money my practice is worth is going back towards the loan I borrowed against it. It might be great advice for Mark Cuban, but I don’t think it’s advice you should be giving everyone, because we’re going to be dentists! I have been wrong in the past and would love your point of view. Why are you encouraging people to do this?

  2. Cathy says:

    This must be a joke. The links are not working. I was excited to read too. =(

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