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#WorldPhotoDay: Sharing our world

The aim of #WorldPhotoDay is to inspire positive change across the world, connecting people and places through the use of photography. In honor of #WorldPhotoDay and missing being able to travel, here are some pictures from around the world, taken by ASDA’s Editorial Board.

New Zealand. Photo credit: Steph Jaipaul, Electronic Editor

Kaikoura, New Zealand
Kaikoura, New Zealand
Mount Cook
Doubtful Sound
Sheep farm

Masada National Park in Israel. Photo credit: David Alpert, Contributing Editor

“My first year finished with an unforgettable week-long trip through Israel. After a quick 5 a.m. hike up this mountain, I can safely say this sunrise was worth it.”

Australia. Photo credit: Steph Jaipaul

Aboriginal cave art
Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef off of Lady Elliot Island
Sydney Opera House

Galveston, Texas, United States. Photo credit: Ryan Lee, Contributing Editor

South Africa. Photo credit: Steph Jaipaul

Cape Town, Western Cape

Hawaii, United States. Photo credit: Sophia Oak, Contributing Editor

Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Photo credit: Sophia Oak

Big Big Mac at the Phoenix Art Museum

Nicaragua. Photo credit: Steph Jaipaul

Masaya, Nicaragua
La Laguna de Apoyo

~Stephanie Jaipaul, Georgia ’22, ASDA Electronic Editor, Chapter President

Stephanie Jaipaul

Stephanie Jaipaul is a third-year student at the Dental College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia. Originally from Queens, New York, she attended the University of Georgia for undergrad and graduated in 2017. She loves being involved with ASDA on the local, district, and national levels.

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