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#WorldPhotoDay: Sharing our world

The aim of #WorldPhotoDay is to inspire positive change across the world, connecting people and places through the use of photography. In honor of #WorldPhotoDay and missing being able to travel, here are some pictures from around the world, taken by ASDA’s Editorial Board.

New Zealand. Photo credit: Steph Jaipaul, Electronic Editor

Kaikoura, New Zealand
Kaikoura, New Zealand
Mount Cook
Doubtful Sound
Sheep farm

Masada National Park in Israel. Photo credit: David Alpert, Contributing Editor

“My first year finished with an unforgettable week-long trip through Israel. After a quick 5 a.m. hike up this mountain, I can safely say this sunrise was worth it.”

Australia. Photo credit: Steph Jaipaul

Aboriginal cave art
Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef off of Lady Elliot Island
Sydney Opera House

Galveston, Texas, United States. Photo credit: Ryan Lee, Contributing Editor

South Africa. Photo credit: Steph Jaipaul

Cape Town, Western Cape

Hawaii, United States. Photo credit: Sophia Oak, Contributing Editor

Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Photo credit: Sophia Oak

Big Big Mac at the Phoenix Art Museum

Nicaragua. Photo credit: Steph Jaipaul

Masaya, Nicaragua
La Laguna de Apoyo

~Stephanie Jaipaul, Georgia ’22, ASDA Electronic Editor, Chapter President

Stephanie Jaipaul

Stephanie Jaipaul is a current third-year dental student at the Dental College of Georgia. She has served ASDA in the past as an electronic editor, district 4 professional relations chair and is currently the immediate past president of the ASDA chapter at DCG.

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